Monday, November 3, 2008

I know that this whole blog is just me bragging about my family but I just thought I would take a minute to write about how smart my little girls are.
So, Lydia has always talked a lot and she says the funniest things most of witch I can't think of right now but the words she comes up with are not just random words they actually make a lot of sense like "lastermorning" instead of saying yesterday morning. Or "sprayinator" instead of spray bottle. She notices things like when we went Trick-or-treating I thought maybe she was getting tired so I asked her if she wanted to go to the next house and she said "Ya, maybe these people will invite us in." And I realized that she's thinking we've been regected by all of those other people who have just handed her candy at the door instead of inviting her in. I'm not sure wheather to share this next one it may embarress her later but she's only three, one of our friends was over with her little boy and he went in to go to the bathroom and Lydia started to fallow and I stopped her and told her to give him some privacy and she said "Mom what kind of front bum does he have?" Obviously we have since talked about what certain things are called, it just makes me sad to have to do that with a three year old. Rachel is pretty funny too. She tells me she's stinky and brings me the wipes, when I'm done changing her diaper she gets really excited and runs the diaper to the trash then expects cheers and hugs all around. She also sings all the time you can totally make out the tune of the song but not really the words. Both of them love to perform they stand on the fireplace and sing at the top of their lungs this is especially funny for family night when we are trying to move on to the lesson. Anyways I guess the reason that I am writing this is because lydia's pediatrician always says that kids are like little computers that remember everything you say and do. And while he's right I'm also realizing how smart and creative these little ones are without any help from me.


bfillerup said...

I loved hearing about your girls--you can't "brag" enough about your family! It's fun to hear the words little ones come up with. I'd love to come to one of your family home evenings....they sound a lot like ours :)

Jenny said...

Ethan comes up with his own words too and refuses to let me correct him, they make perfect sense to him!! He'll say "yestermorning". Too funny, must be the age!

Kiersten said...

Oh, I love those two little girls. They are adorable, and so smart, and so sweet!

Can I just say how excited I am for Christmas??