Sunday, April 26, 2009

Grant's Farm

We had a blast at Grant's Farm. We Have lived in St. Louis for almost 5 years now and we had never been there until yesterday. Boy were we missing out, it was small but the girls loved the elephant show and feeding the baby goats.

This is the home that Ulysses S. Grant grew up in.

And this picture is hard to see but it is the Bush family's personal residence. This is as close as we can get. How would it be!


Johnson's said...

Hi Carrie,
I hope you remember me. This is Brandee Johnson (Boren) and we use to hang out a little bit at Victorville Institute. I found your blog from Ceri's blog. Anyways just wanted to say your family is way cute! Also I wanted to know how you like Chesterfield, Mo? My husband is going to apply for a job there and I just wanted to know how it was? Is it a good neighbor hood? Also do you know much about Town and Country? There is a job there too. Is it pretty? Is there hills or is it flat? Do you get lots of bad storms? Sorry about all the questions. We really want to move to Marshfield, Mo which is by Springfield, MO because my parents live there but right now there is a job in your neighbor hood so I am willing to move whereever as long as it gets me to Missouri. Anyways you can comment on my blog or email me at


Zana said...

Why don't we plan a playgroup on the front lawn of the Bush estate...they can't yell at us with small children around:)

Tait said...

I am still your pics for our primary sharing time. I know there are so many places out here that I haven't been to.
In Cali It took Ryan like 2 years before he took me to D land and I still haven't been to knoxberry farm