Sunday, August 31, 2008

Japanese Festival at the Botanical Gardens

We had such a fun time his weekend. This was our first time going to the Japanese festival and it was so beautiful I'm so glad we went. We got to see Sumo Wrestling and it was neat because I leaned so much about the sport that I didn't know before. They also had great food, who doesn't love sushi?
Lydia had lots to do in the childrens' area with the slides and the boat (pirate ship) and she even got a purple parasol not that we are trying to spoil her completely it was just so cute.

Rachel was glad to have a place that she could walk around too. I thought these plastic flowers were so fun but I couldn't get a picture of her playing with them because she was too fast for me.

The lakes have the biggest Koi fish I have ever seen they must be at least 2 feet long maybe 3. And this really nice girls gave Lydia a whole oragami boat full of fish food we sat there forever while Lydia threw the pellets into the water one at a time. I think the fish must have been so full because they weren't all clamoring for the food like i've seen them do before. In truth most of the fish food probably sank. But at least the view was nice while we waited.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Welcome! OK so here I go with my very own blog. I think this will be a great place to show what I have been up to. Well mostly I'm a mom so I do a lot of laundry and dishes but besides that I'm a cake decorator and I teach cake decorating classes once a week. So here is a picture of my latest wedding cake. What do you think?