Friday, March 6, 2009

Locked out!

So yesterday was a little scary at our house. It was such a nice day so me and the girls went outside to play. After playing for a while Lydia said she was tired so I told the girls to take their shoes off while I round up the balls and tricycles, it took me 2 seconds, then it happened my 18 month old suddenly developed super human strength and was able to shut the back door completely (the door sticks so this is very hard to do) then she pushed the little push lock button because she can't resist a button. Had Lydia been inside she could have just turned the handle and unlocked the door but she was sitting on the step taking off her shoes. So Rachel is on the other side of the door yelling for me to open it and I'm trying to get her to turn the handle but she is just too little. So I ran across the street to Susan's house but she wasn't home and I could see Michelle outside playing with her kids so I grabbed Lydia and we ran with my arms waving trying to get her attention when she saw me I told her that Rachel was locked in the house so she came running with Darcy and her cell phone. I called Tim but he didn't answer which meant he was in a meeting I called my dad and he said he could be here in a half an hour. I called a locksmith but nobody could get there any faster than my dad. I coaxed Rachel to the sliding glass door so I could see her and me and Michelle decided that if she got hurt we would break one of the windows to get to her but if she was okay we could just wait. Rachel would cry a little not really understanding why I couldn't just open the door and then she would get distracted by Lydia and Darcy pulling faces at her through the glass. I finally got a hold of Tim and he left work but with traffic he was still 30 minutes away. When my dad got there he couldn't do anything either (although he sure tried, A for effort Dad!) and by that time we figured we might as well wait for Tim because he had a key. So after 1 hour and 45 minutes Tim was home and Rachel was free and I now have a hide a key in my garage. :)


Josh and Christina Tidwell said...

boy what a day Carrie. I am glad that Rachel was fine and I bet Lydia had fun making faces through the window:)

bfillerup said...

I am so glad Rachel was okay during all of that. What a long hour and 45 minutes!

I remember when my little nephew locked himself in my sister's car--he didn't have the finger strength to pull up on the door lock...he was so scared and we all felt so helpless! Finally, we got a hold of an extra key and got him out.

Good thinking on Lydia's part to start making faces through the window. Big sister saves the day!

Samantha said...

That happened to me more than once.

Once Bailey was Rachel's age and locked himself in the house. I tried to get him to open the door, but he couldn't. Luckily our old house had really crummy windows, so I was able to open one from the outside and stand on some trash cans to get through the window. I was lucky to even fit!

So I understand how scary it is to be unable to get to your little one!

Presley family said...

I had the same things happen when we had just moved into our new house. Regan locked me out with out realizing what she had done. Of course she could not unlock the door. And once she realized what she had done she was a huge mess. So, her and COLLIN were locked inside. I didn't know a single neighbor yet. Yes, this is how I introduced myself to my sweet senior neigbor... Hi my name is Julie I am your new neigbhor may I use your phone??? Oh, I am glad I can laugh about it now!!!!