Friday, March 13, 2009

New Beginnings went great!

We just had our New Beginnings program for our young women. I am so excited because it went great. The girls did a fantastic job. We found a script for a program that we kind of liked and we thought that if we made a few changes it would work. but when I was talking to my creative husband he started shooting off ideas so fast that we ended up with some crazy fun ideas. And lots of work. But since we have such great leaders who are all willing to do so much it turned out great I wish we had pictures but of course I was a little distracted and forgot my camera.
So I've been debating about weather or not to bore everyone with all of the details then I thought if you don't want to read about it stop reading now.

New Beginnings program
The original idea that we found online was called Virtue Deli, where they took the new value "virtue" and they created a cooking show where they built a sandwich using the values and their colors as inspiration for ingredients on a sandwich.
Our idea was to use that part of it and create a cooking show that was a challenge and had an apposing deli called the Greasy Spoon. where they built a more "worldly" sandwich using ingredients not based on values but whatever they are feeling like eating at the moment. With my husbands help we created some funny and gross stuff to go on the apposing sandwich. And with the girls help it was a huge success we were able to pull in this years theme "Be thou an example" because one of the girls decided at the end that she didn't want to work for a place like the greasy spoon and the girls from the virtue deli invited her to work for them. then our fantasic judges one of which was wearing a tux concluded by telling the girls that in life if you will make good choices and live a clean and virtuous life you will see that it is a much more satisfying and spiritually nutritious way to live and others will fallow your example.
Rebecca made a DVD for each girl if you want to see it it's on her blog It's amazing! (Click on Rebecca the movie is in the right top corner) and my mom made aprons for each girl to go home with (She's amazing!) for refreshments we had sandwiches from the winning "Virtue Deli" (Subway) and chips and cookies. It was the easiest food I have ever done for a young women program.


Me said...

The night was everything we wanted it to be. It was fun and meaningful. You worked hard and carried so much of the burden. Kudos did it! It really was great. Thanks!!

Zana said...

I totally missed another fun event...sounds like a success!
Did the girls get plenty of sun today???

devinandamie said...

that locked out story was completely scary! I would have flipped. I'm glad you had michelle for emotional support! What a tricky little girl! Actually last tuesday, I was out with my nieghbors and their kiddos, All the mom's were chatting holding babies, and noticed that the kids were gone. They had run inside, put the chain on(no key for that), then locked themselves in the bedroom,(the locks are turned around so that the kids can't get out).. They had a hide a key, but no good! The chain wouldn't budge. So we finally had to break a window..horribly scary.. but atleast they were all 3 years old and not 18 months.. anyway. and I love the yw night idea. I would love to be in young womens. Sounds so fun.