Thursday, August 19, 2010

First day of Kindergarten!

Lydia had a wonderful first day of school! She is so excited to keep going back. We took these pictures just before we all walked to school.

Showing off the new shoes.

Lydia waiting to be taken back to the classroom.

Rachel held on to Abram in the wagon on the way home and the poor little guy fell asleep in her arms.

And just so I don't need to make another post I give you one of my excuses for not really blogging this summer, lots of cakes!

Rehearsal dinner cake.

Tommy's Buzz cake.

Rachel's birthday cake.

Giant shark cake for Lydia's swim team.

And Lydia's birthday cake that I never put up pictures of.


Samantha said...

Love all the cakes!! So glad Lydia is enjoying school, at least so far. And Abram falling asleep on Rachel is too cute!!

Jenny said...

Ethan starts school monday, how did our kids grow up so fast?! Abram is such a cutie, and those cake are amazing, good job!

Josh and Christina Tidwell said...

I absolutely love these pictures. Lydia and Rachel look gorgeous and Abram is so handsome. He is growing up so fast! and those cakes are unbelievable! Carrie you amaze me with your talent. I hope to see you guys in December. Love you and miss you all!

Zana said...

Love your updates & now I see why you haven't had time to post...those cakes are so fun to look at and Amelia just saw them and said she wants 'that one and that one for my birthday' so do you trust UPS to deliver? You have a year to think about it :)